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Trutina will transition to a property owner elected HOA Board in the spring time frame of 2024.  Information will be forthcoming on the application process, voting process and other appropriate information from our current HOA board.  The new HOA Board will replace the current Advisory Board.  Details regarding the board and voting requirements can be found in the CC&Rs, which are posted on the HOA website (https://www.trutinahoa.com/).  If you have specific questions regarding this transition or the election process please please submit those questions through the Contact Us form on the HOA website (https://www.trutinahoa.com/contact-us.html)
Evidence of autumn is starting to show in our community!  Fall is associated with the start of school, football season, harvest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving and of course frost and eventually snow.  
Here are some tips for getting ready for autumn and winter. 
1.  Give your home a full maintenance inspection:  Your home, inside and out, should be prepared for the sometimes-harsh conditions that come with autumn and fall.  Clearing leaves and debris from gutters and looking for blocked downspouts will save you tremendous trouble later.  Make sure your gutter junctions are watertight and have them fixed if water is draining onto a house wall.  It’s also time to switch on your heating and make sure your furnace is working properly.
2.  We often thing about giving the house a spring cleaning but we forget that autumn is an ideal time for a deep clean, too.  Wipe down cabinets and dust commonly forgotten areas like lampshades and the top of cupboards and shelves.  Start with the living room and work your way around the house.  Once you reach the kitchen, don’t forget to deep clean your oven and fridge too, and even clean out old foods from the freezer.  
3.  Donate unwanted furniture, homeware items, clothes, and shoes to a charity.  You should end up with an uncluttered, streamlined home, giving you more space to enjoy the calm, cozy surroundings that the autumn season brings.  
4. Don’t forget about the yard outside.  Many of us will be doing our own pruning this year. Plan to protect plants and give them a final trim before the harsh frost hits.

5.  It is easy to dread the coming months because they are darker and colder, but they don’t have to be.  Adding lamps and candles to strategic parts of a room and using night lamps to light up dark hallways or corners of the room.  Try replacing dim bulbs with bright LED lamps – they can really make a difference.  There is nothing quite like a flickering candle or cozy fire in a fireplace to help chase away winter blues.  
6. Decluttering and replacing bright-colored summer décor with hues rich in pigment can make an entire home immediately and more welcoming.  Clean and prepare your carpets then cover them with thicker, heavier rugs and textiles with more texture, making your space very inviting!
7.  Great food fuels your, not just the body.  Taking the time now to choose recipes that you will love will save you time later.  Slow cooker and Instant Pot recipes are particularly good at this time of year, with hearty stews and casseroles perfect for warming up on a chilly day.  
8.  Autumn and winter are full of holidays, so it is vital to plan downtime now.  Setting time aside on the calendar to erst and relax with a good book or a long soak in the tub can help you from getting run down and exhausted.  
This can be a magical time of year, especially if you take the time to prepare.  Getting yourself, your home, and your garden ready for the cooler temperatures can help you enjoy the season to its fullest potential!
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