Welcome to 2023
It’s hard to believe 2023 has landed upon us!  Seems like just yesterday we were worrying about Y2K! 
To ring in 2023 at Trutina, we are working on a new model to support a variety of community activities.  Our active and fun filled community has a lot going on throughout the year!  In an effort to make sure we are coordinated the Trutina Volunteer Corps is rolling out!
Over the past several years, the work of keeping events and activities moving has fallen on the shoulders of a few people.  We believe that the diversity and experience of folks living at Trutina can be harnessed in a variety of ways without a lot of work on any one person. 
Master Calendar and Activities Coordinator
The first thing that we’ve done is develop a Trutina Master Calendar.  Everyone who has previously worked on events and activities came together and identified the dates/times of their events in 2023.  For instance, the Ladies Wine Walk will be held on June 3rd.   Lisa Barajas has agreed to coordinate the calendar and activities for 2023 (thank you Lisa!) and will serve as the 2023 Activities Coordinator.  She may be contacted when new events are being planned to help schedule.  She may also help to coordinate people for an event or activity. 
Trutina Volunteer Corps
To assure our community stays active with events, activities, and support for our residents we’ve have a new structure called the Trutina Volunteer Corps.  Over the past several years most of the activities, events and groups have been scheduled within the community.  Examples are the Potluck Planners, volunteer groups like Second Harvest and Blood mobile, the Hiking, Biking, Golf and Pickleball Clubs, Sing-Alongs, Book Club and others.  Special events have also been organized by individuals from the community:  the Wine Walk, Golf Tournament, and the Beach & Pool Party.  While this is wonderful for the community it puts the burden on a few individuals.  By creating a Volunteer Corps we hope to reduce the burden on the few, give people an opportunity to get involved in an area of interest, and engage with new people to share ideas and input!  Sign-up and receive a Trutina Volunteer Shirt!  Here are the groups that people are encouraged to sign-up to help with:
Activities Committee                                  Lisa Barajas Lead
This group will support the Activities Coordinator and may or may not meet regularly.  This group will oversee the Trutina Master Calendar and will seek/support volunteers for bingo, community tours, concerts, and other resident events. 
Potluck Planners                                         Janet Belles Lead
This group formed in 2022 and will continue the efforts to offer potlucks throughout 2023.  Please sign-up for a month to help Janet! 
Special Events Committee                        Dixie Bradshaw Lead
This group support the efforts to develop and present 3 special events each year.  Each event will have a lead to support the effort.  These events will have a fee for attendance and funds generated will offset the cost of the event. 
Neighbors Helping Neighbors                  Volunteer for Lead Role
This group will help provide support for neighbors who have had surgery, illness, etc. who could benefit for a delivered meal, a card, help with their home or yard, borrowing specialty equipment or just a friendly hello.  Share equipment, like a ladder to change fire alarm batteries, medical equipment, etc.
Art/Craft Fair/Community Yard Sale       Volunteer for Lead Role
This group would support an event like a craft/art fair and/or community yard sale at Trutina.  Those interested would help to organize the event for people to attend, setting up their own tables with items to sell. 
Unique Events                                             Advisory Committee Leads
The group will be called upon to help with specialty projects like community emergency preparedness, Centennial Trail Monitoring, Neighborhood Watch, HOA Capital Request Input, New Clubhouse Planning, etc. 
Trutina Information Desk                                 Volunteer for Lead Role
This volunteer group would spend time at the clubhouse at scheduled times to greet new and current residents and share information as needed.  Sign-up to explore this concept and share your ideas!
Communications Committee                    Sherry Maughan Lead
This volunteer group will continue to oversee the Trutina Residents’ Website.  Involvement would include 1-3 meetings a year, helping to write articles, support website development, infuse new ideas, photography, etc.  This group also supports the Reader Board located near the front gate. 
Second Harvest                                            Jen Ballantyne Lead
Second Harvest is a non-profit organization that provides food for 70,000 meals each day for children, families and seniors in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho experiencing food insecurity. On the second Thursday of each month, Trutina volunteers from 9 to 11 a.m. The tasks vary from bagging produce, weighing and bagging food items like beans to preparing Bites2Go, weekend food supplies for children. You have to pre-register with Second Harvest one time before signing up to volunteer each month. It's great exercise, Trutina camaraderie and a worthy cause!
Garden Group                                              Karen Dagg Lead
This group of garden lovers plant and tend the six All Community Garden Beds. Beds typically yield herbs, cutting flowers, and some berries for Trutina residents to pick and enjoy at home. We meet occasionally and casually (usually with a cup of coffee in the garden) to plan the season’s plantings, address seasonal specific needs (fertilizer, pest control, and watering), and fall clean up.
Lots of great ideas are coming forward as this has rolled out!  Keep the ideas coming and fill in your spot on the sign-up sheets are available in the media room at the Riverside Lodge Media Room or simply Click Here and send an email to let us know what volunteer interests you have!
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