Gentle Aquatics is canceled on Thursday, September 1 and again on Labor Day, September 5th.  
The Trutina Residents’ Website is celebrating its first anniversary!  We’ve come a long way from those first baby steps when we put the site together.  Nearly 270 people are registered on the site.  The goal of the website is to provide timely and pertinent information to all residents.  Our anniversary seems to be a good time to highlight some of the sites features and advancements. 
Using the Blue Bars:
The Blue Bars are there as quick links to website features you would use frequently.  Just one click away!
Calendar:  Provides a quick view of the daily schedule.  Hint:  You can also see a full month calendar by going to the top menu, selecting Activities and then Calendar.  From the same menu you can easily reserve the clubhouse for either a private event or a Trutina Group event. 
News articles:  Clicking on this bar shows you the latest news for the community.  It may be the next Hike or an announcement of the Rockwood Property Management newsletters.  Over the course of the year there have been over 110 news articles published. 
Upcoming Events:  Selecting this blue bar leads you to a list of upcoming events.  At the bottom of the list you can View All Events for more details.  Most Upcoming Events have a link to RSVPHint:  You can also view all RSVP opportunities by going to the Activities menu and selecting View RSVP Lists.  Give it try and see how easy it is to RSVP for one or more events. 
Helpful Information:  This bar puts a wealth of information at your fingertips  You can see the weather, various newsletters, information about local activities, restaurants and concerts, and local government.  Hint:  Need to a contact for Home Warranty, or general HOA issue?  Select Additional Links for Residents.  You’ll find a page of useful phone numbers and websites. 
Search Site:  This bar gives you the ability to easily search the site for whatever topic you have in mind!  Type in Potluck and see what comes up!
Other features:
At the very bottom of the Home page, you will find two special links.  One to Spotlight on Trutina - a section of the website that highlights people and activities from the Trutina Community.  The other is Groups/Clubs.  Clicking on more info takes you directly to the page of group/club activities at Trutina. 
Later this month look for more information about other Trutina Residents' Website features:  Photo albums, recipes, volunteer opportunities, buy and sell and the lost and found.  
Now it’s your turn!  Update your preferences today.  Go to Your Profile in the top right corner of the page and check that your information is current.  Also, select Update Profile from the list and check the groups/clubs you belong to (or want more information about).  Hint:  Group and Club leaders are now able to send you an email about their activities.  New this week:  Gentle Aquatics and Yoga have been added.  Updates to times or cancelations will sent directly to your email inbox!
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